Holi Festival in Jaisalmer

The Hindu Holi Festival

in Jaisalmer

The Hindu spring festival "Holi" is celebrated on the first full moon day of the month Phalgun (February/March).

It is probably one of the oldest festivals in India. There are numerous - depending on the region different - myths and legends about the origin and meaning of the festival.

The "Festival of Colours" lasts at least two days, in some parts of India even up to ten days. Originally, people sprinkled and sprayed each other with coloured water and coloured powder made of flowers, roots and herbs which were said to have healing effects. Today, mostly synthetic colours are used.

Of course I don't want to miss this and I set off around noon for a walk through the centre of Jaisalmer. 
As a precaution I leave my expensive professional camera in the hotel and take only my waterproof GoPro 7 with me, hoping that it will withstand the colour powder better. 

All faces, whether young or old, are already glowing in the brightest colours. Some even wear funny wigs. Of course, it doesn't take long and, accompanied by a "Happy Holi!", I get my first load of color powder into my face.
Children jump around with water spray guns and splash everyone who passes by - including me. 

Since I haven't been to Lake Gadil Sagar in the south-east of the city yet, I extend my walk to there. 

Back at the hotel, I take a long shower and have to scrub hard until all the paint is washed off. But how to get the stuff out of my ears, I have no idea.
I had to wash my clothes three times until they were halfway clean again. My trousers still have a slight red tinge, though.


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