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Suzuki V-Strom 650XT

1-year anniversary of my trip around the world!

Today exactly one year ago I started my biggest adventure so far and left my “old” life behind me and set off to explore the world by motorbike. Since then, I have seen countless beautiful places that simply took my breath away. Everywhere I was welcomed with warm hospitality and I met so many interesting […]

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Sunrise on the Mountain of the Gods

The next morning, of course, I didn’t miss the sunrise on the east side of the Nemrut Dağı. On the east and west sides of the mountain, a row of large statues of gods were erected on a terrace, but they were severely damaged by earthquakes and storms in the meantime, so that the heads […]

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Sunset on Mount Nemrut Dağı

Sunset on the 2150 meter high mountain Nemrut Dağı, which lies in the southeast of Turkey. On its peak, King Antiochos I (69-36 B.C.) erected a sanctuary and probably his own tomb. The alleged tomb consists of a gravel pile from fist large stones with a height of 45 meters and 150 meters of diameter […]

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Göbekli Tepe – the oldest cult site of mankind

15km northeast of Şanlıurfa in eastern Turkey lies the prehistoric cult site Göbekli Tepe. With an age of approx. 11,500 years it is at present the oldest cult place of mankind found so far. In a time in which there were not even larger settlements and the people still lived as hunters and collectors, a […]

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Through AirBnB I rent a room with Gökhan and Nil, who are both in their last year of teacher training. They invited me to Köfte the second night. As a thank-you I made them “Kässpätzle” (swabian cheese noodles) on my last evening (even though I didn’t quite find the right noodles or the right cheese […]

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Excursion to Cumalıkızık

I make a small excursion to the small village Cumalıkızık, where you can still find numerous houses in the original Ottoman architectural style.

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Since Istanbul I have unfortunately not been able to write my blog regularly. In order to document the chronological course of my further journey, I will describe the missing stations of my journey only very briefly and mainly with pictures. As soon as I get to it, I will hand in the texts later. The […]

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The first days in Istanbul

On the first day in Istanbul the weather was rather cloudy and quite cold. Nevertheless, I made my first trip to Taksim Square with the famous Gesi Park, around which the demonstrations ignited at that time. Afterwards I walked down the hill to the Dolmabatche-Palace. But I saved the visit for the days when my […]

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Auf nach Istanbul

Mein nächstes Ziel ist Istanbul. Von Thessaloniki bis Istanbul sind es fast genau 600km. Also nochmal 100km mehr als von Athen bis nach Thessaloniki. Und leider ist das Wetter auch nicht gerade sehr prikelnd, so dass ich mich gut einpacken muss. Auf meinem Weg nach Osten komme ich zunächst an zwei großen Seen, dem Limni […]

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Mein nächstes Reiseziel lautet Thessaloniki, bevor ich dann weiter nach Istanbul fahre. Laut Navi beträgt die Strecke von Athen nach Thessaloniki rund 500 km. Ich habe also eine ganzschöne Strecke vor mir und werde daher auch den größten Teil auf der Autobahn fahren, obwohl das natürlich wieder Mautgebühren kostet. Nach dem Frühstück hole ich also […]

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