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Tag: Sassanide Empire (224 - 642 A.D.)

Naqsch-e Rostam

Six kilometres north of Persepolis, impressive rock tombs were hewn into the mountain for four Persian kings from the Achaemenid Dynasty.


The Towers of Silence in Yazd

The "Towers of Silence" were used by the Zoroastrians for sky burials.



The city of Shushtar in southwestern Iran is famous for its ancient canal and irrigation system, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Tacht-e Suleiman

Sanctuary of the Sassanids and pilgrimage site of the Persian kings. Today UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Zendan-e Soleiman

Zendan-e Soleiman is an ca. 110 m high, dried out sinter cone with a 100 m deep and 70 m wide crater in northern Iran.