Udabno at night

As I had decided the day before, I make another excursion in the direction in which I had walked yesterday during the day.

First I come back to the small chapel and to the abandoned agricultural building, which are a great photo motif at night.

Meanwhile a strong, ice-cold wind blows, so that I have to pull my cap over both ears and my scarf up to the eyes. Disguised like a ninja, I continue to walk to the small lake above the village. 

This lake is a fascinating photo motif, as even the countless stars are reflected in it.

In the west, the horizon shines orange-red, which is caused either by the capital Tbilisi or by the industrial city Rustawi that is a little closer.
In the east, the night sky is "polluted" by the surprisingly bright, bluish LED street lights of Udabno.

In order to see an even clearer starry sky, I first climb the mountain behind the lake and then descend on the backside. Since the brighter horizon is no longer visible from there, the starry sky is much clearer and covered with millions of stars. I have never seen so many stars in the night sky in my whole life.

Around me it is pitch dark. I can't even see my own hand in front of my eyes anymore.
But I hear a lot of sounds from animals around me. Since I know that there are also bears and wolves in this area, I have to admit that I feel a little uneasy. But luckily I have a strong torch with me.

I circle around the mountain until I get back to the lake. Then I make my way back to the inn.


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