The Ananuri fortress

On my way to Ananuri I have to pass hundreds of trucks waiting at the roadside for the Georgian Army Road, which leads to Russia, to be reopened because it had to be closed several days ago due to heavy snowfall.

The Ananuri fortress from the 13th century is situated on the Georgian Army Road, above the Schinwali reservoir on the banks of the Aragwi River.
Within the castle walls there is also a Georgian Orthodox monastery with a small, older and a second larger church (built in 1689).
The castle is surrounded by a massive crenellated circular wall, reinforced by a square keep and several corner towers.

It was the former residence of the Dukes of Aragwi.
In 1739 Ananuri was attacked and set on fire by forces of the rival duchy of Shamshe. The Aragvi clan was massacred. Four years later the local peasants revolted against Shamshe rule, killing the usurpers and electing King Teimuraz II as their new ruler. In 1746 another peasant revolt took place, which King Teimuraz II was able to successfully suppress with the help of King Erekle II of Kakheti.


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