Iceland by car

Muss es ein Geländewagen sein?

If you want to explore Iceland with a rental car, the first question is, whether you should hire a 4×4 or a “normal” car?

You should know that the so-called “ringroad”, which leads around Iceland, is basically passable with a “normal” car (even if it is not paved everywhere). At least when there is no snow. In winter, of course, it can happen in heavy snowfall that even with an off-road vehicle is no longer passing and the roads are blocked.

If you want to explore the country’s interior, the so-called “Highland”, by car, you definitely need a suitable off-road vehicle. It should be noted, that not every “toy” 4×4 car is suitable! Since on these routes sometimes you have to cross a small river, so your off-road vehicle should at least have a “snorkel”. In case you get stuck, a cable winch would be quite handy.

The routes, which may be used only with off-road vehicles, are marked with an “F” in the name. These are often shown in dashed lines on cards.

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