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Date: 02-04-20
Buddhist monastery complex from the 1st century BC in northern Pakistan. 
22.The golden temple Harmandir Sahib 
Date: 02-04-20
The golden temple Harmandir Sahib is the highest sanctuary of the Sikhs. 
23.The Golden Tempel at night 
Date: 02-04-20
At night the temple offers a particularly impressive view. 
Date: 02-04-20
McLeod-Ganj is the official residence of the Dalai Lama and seat of the Tibetan government in exile, which is why it is often called "Little Lhasa". 
25.Holi Festival in Jaisalmer 
Date: 02-04-20
The Indian spring festival "Holi" is probably one of the oldest festivals in India. Originally, people sprinkled and sprayed each other with coloured water and coloured powder made of flowers, roots and herbs which were said to have healing effects. 
26.The Katskhi pillar 
Date: 27-03-20
Tiny hermit monastery high up on a limestone rock needle. 
27.Mgvimevi Monastery 
Date: 27-03-20
Monastery near the town Chiatura in Georgia. 
Date: 02-02-20
Support me: Become a Patron! Hello! My name is Sven Kalbhenn. Since November 2017 I am on a trip around the world with my motorcycle. On my blog I report from my experiences, which I collected on my journey so far. In my pictures I try to capture my impressions and to bring you closer to places you may not have travelled before. I would be happy if you would accompany me on my journey... Contact Sven Kalbhenn Mösleweg 6 88273 Blitzenreute / Fronreute Germany Mobile: +49 1520 1777… 
29.About me 
Date: 23-01-20
Hello! My name is Sven Kalbhenn. After my studies at the University of Tübingen, I started my own business as a media designer and photographer in 1998. Photography is one of my great passions and travelling is another. In this blog I would like to report about both. Beside the reports of my activities and journeys, I will also introduce you from time to time something of my equipment and give you also the one or other tip. I hope you like my blog and would be happy if you drop by every… 
30.Business in Sparta 
Date: 18-01-20
Olive harvest with Dimitri and new orders. 
31.My portfolio 
Date: 18-01-20
My portfolio I have been working as a freelance media designer and photographer since 1998: If you are interested in my work, please feel free to contact me.  
32.Trip around the world since 2017 
Date: 18-01-20
On a trip around the world since 2017 Since 04 November 2017 I have been on a trip around the world with my motorcycle. Here you can see where I am and where I have already been. Here is the list of countries I have already been to: Germany Austria Switzerland Slovenia Croatia Bosnia-Herzegovina Montenegro Albania Greece Turkey Georgia Azerbaijan Armenia Republic of Kazakhstan (Nagorno-Karabakh) Iran Pakistan India My plan for the coming route looks… 
33.[Translate to English:] Çanakkale 
Date: 14-11-19
My base for a trip to Troy. The original requisite from the film "Troy" were donated to the town of Çanakkale and are now standing on the promenade. 
34.Mount Nemrut Dağ 
Date: 14-11-19
Sunset on the west side of the Nemrut Dağ. 
35.Kutaissi at night 
Date: 13-11-19
Photo tour through the nightly Kutaissi 
36.Mestia at night 
Date: 13-11-19
Mestia has, thanks to the illuminated defense towers, of course a very special flair. 
Date: 13-11-19
Mud volcanoes and prehistoric rock carvings 
Date: 12-11-19
Batumi the "Monte-Carlo of the Middle East" 
Date: 12-11-19
Mtskheta was the capital of the Iberian Empire for 1000 years. 
40.Dschwari Monastery 
Date: 12-11-19
The 6th century Dzhvarari Monastery lies high above Mzchata in Georgia. 
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