Kaloubani St. Giorgi chapel

Kaloubani St. Giorgi chapel

My second visit to Mtskheta

Since I liked Mtskheta quite much during my first stay and I also discovered that there are still some interesting places in the surrounding area that I wanted to visit, I decided to spend a few more days in Mtskheta.

But this time I searched for another place to stay and found the guesthouse "Vertico", which is located at the edge of the village and got very good ratings on booking.com. But as it turned out, the name is program and the house was at the upper end of an extremely steep path. When I was halfway up the road, I noticed that there was no way to park my bike safely up there. So I stopped and wanted to slowly roll my bike backwards to park it at the foot of the mountain. But the road was so steep that my brakes failed. With blocking wheels I slipped faster and faster down the slope. Luckily it became flatter further down, so that my brakes finally gripped me and I finally stopped. It was pure luck that I didn't completely lose control and crashed against any car or house wall. 

Fortunately the guesthouse turned out to be quite good and the owners were super nice. Most of all I liked the "breakfast room", which was actually an independent little house in the garden and offered a wonderful view over the nearby river and the mountains thanks to big windows.

On the second day I made my first excursion to a nearby chapel, which I had discovered on the map.

Kaloubani St. Giorgi chapel is located on top of a high rise above the Mtkvari river 4 km westwards of Mtskheta.
The church is dated back to the 9th-10th centuries AD.
Right next to it stands a very beautiful, centuries-old tree.
Fortunately the weather was also very spectacular with dramatic clouds between which the sun was shining through.


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