Birthplace of Stalin

Josef Stalin was born in 1878 in this house in Gori in today's Georgia (at that time still part of the Russian Empire) and also went to school in Gori.
His real name is Iosseb Bessarionis dse Dschughaschwili. In 1912 he accepted the name Stalin, which means "the steel".
His birthplace had been roofed over for a while, like a mausoleum, and a large museum about him was built directly behind it.
The only room in the museum that deals with his crimes against the population was unfortunately closed when I visited the museum. A rogue who thinks evil!

The city of Gori in Georgia lies around a hill with a fortress from the 7th century on top of it. 
Under the fortress from the Middle Ages archaeologists have found an even older fortress from the 3.-2. Century BC.
Today Gori has about 48,000 inhabitants.
In the south of the city, on Mount Trialeti, the Church of St. George was built in the 8th century, from where you have a great view over the city.


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