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Sunrise on the Mountain of the Gods

The next morning, of course, I didn’t miss the sunrise on the east side of the Nemrut Dağı. On the east and west sides of the mountain, a row of large statues of gods were erected on a terrace, but they were severely damaged by earthquakes and storms in the meantime, so that the heads […]

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Sunset on Mount Nemrut Dağı

Sunset on the 2150 meter high mountain Nemrut Dağı, which lies in the southeast of Turkey. On its peak, King Antiochos I (69-36 B.C.) erected a sanctuary and probably his own tomb. The alleged tomb consists of a gravel pile from fist large stones with a height of 45 meters and 150 meters of diameter […]

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Göbekli Tepe – the oldest cult site of mankind

15km northeast of Şanlıurfa in eastern Turkey lies the prehistoric cult site Göbekli Tepe. With an age of approx. 11,500 years it is at present the oldest cult place of mankind found so far. In a time in which there were not even larger settlements and the people still lived as hunters and collectors, a […]

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