March 2018



Through AirBnB I rent a room with Gökhan and Nil, who are both in their last year of teacher training. They invited me to Köfte the second night. As a thank-you I made them “Kässpätzle” (swabian cheese noodles) on my last evening (even though I didn’t quite find the right noodles or the right cheese […]

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Excursion to Cumalıkızık

I make a small excursion to the small village Cumalıkızık, where you can still find numerous houses in the original Ottoman architectural style.

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Since Istanbul I have unfortunately not been able to write my blog regularly. In order to document the chronological course of my further journey, I will describe the missing stations of my journey only very briefly and mainly with pictures. As soon as I get to it, I will hand in the texts later. The […]

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